Sunday, August 29, 2010


16" X 20"
acrylic on
                                                And all my days are trances
                                                And all my nightly dreams
                                                Are where thy dark eye glances
                                                And where thy footstep gleams
                                                In what ethereal dances
                                                By what eternal streams..

Excerpt  from the poem "To One in Paradise" by E.A.Poe

Saturday, August 21, 2010


22" X 28"
acrylic on canvas


To be captured alone
with you
is a tone poem

Your harmony drifts
like a mist
through the air

And your melody  lingers long after you're gone
like a symphony
keeps me aware

So to discover your love
is to be trapped in a prison
with bars that contain me
like those of a song

And when a strong will like mine
succumbs to weak indecision
and meek inhibitions
the tone poem plays on

by Lance Bunda

Monday, August 9, 2010

Metamorphic Angel

24" X 30" acrylic on canvas..


while inspiration feeds invention
frustration breeds contempt
therefore a spirit needs a noble cause
for this earthlife to be prudently spent

and so it goes
we are resigned to this
yet are offered wings to rise above
those who falter and those who fail
perhaps to rescue souls and protect them from danger
to emerge
as metamorphic angels

(exerpt from Metamorphic Angels)
by Lance Bunda